Who should pursue the B.S. Meteorology degree?

B.S. Meteorology: This is for people who want their primary job responsibility to be meteorology. This includes careers such as the
National Weather Service, private weather firms such as AccuWeather, meteorologist for the airline industry, the National Climatic Data Center, etc. TV Broadcasters who wish to be certified as a “Certified Broadcast Meteorologist” by the American Meteorological Society will also need to complete the B.S. Meteorology degree. Some students may also consider graduate school in the Atmospheric Sciences or Geography. This Track requires four courses in calculus, two courses in advanced physics, and two courses in computer science. This degree program also meets American Meteorological Society (AMS) qualifications for the title “meteorologist,” and Federal Civil Service requirements (GS-1340) for employment by the National Weather Service. Due to the high level of math pre-requisites for this major, students entering this program will ideally be able to take MATH 136 (Calculus I) during the first semester of their freshman year. Students who qualify for a lower initial math course (MATH 116 – Algebra or MATH 117 – Trigonometry) may need an extra semester or two to complete all of the required courses. Information on your expected┬ámath placement can be found here.

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  1. Kent Miller says:

    I would love to know more about how to get a meterology degree at WKU. Any info would be helpful!

  2. Zachary jennings says:

    Hello my name is Zachary Jennings, I am a junior at Apollo High school (about to be a senior) in Owensboro KY and want to become a meteorologist. I am a beginner Storm Chaser and I am a member of the Daviess County Weather Spotters. I am very interested in coming to Western Kentucky and being in your program. I love Weather and know a lot about it and its my biggest goal to become a meteorologist and I will work very hard to achieve that goal. I do have some problems with my grades but I am and will continue to work very hard to get my grades up. Your program I have heard many great things about it and I would love to call myself a Hilltopper. Thank you very much for your time and hopefully I will get to visit soon.

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