What is Ahead?

Happy Wednesday evening everyone! We are halfway through another week and it’s been a wet one. The storms should taper off by midnight with the possibility of more heavy downpours associated with these storms. For your Thursday, expect a warmer day with partly cloudy skies and a low of 68 degrees. For Friday, we can expect a high of 82 degrees and mostly sunny skies. Friday night will be slightly cooler with a low of around 57 degrees and clear skies. The weekend ahead seems to hold the same pattern of the lower 80s as highs and lows around 60 degrees with low humidity. It’s a nice weekend to get out and I certainly will! I will be enjoying some time fishing!

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Another Week of Storms

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is going good as mine has not been the best. Anyways what’s the forecast looking like for the rest of the week? Through the rest of the week, we expect temperatures steady around highs of 88 and lows around 73 degrees. Thursday the threat of severe storms returns with a chance of scattered thunderstorms with a marginal chance of severe weather. The main threat will be heavy rain and damaging winds with thunderstorms developing in the afternoon, the thunderstorms will become more widespread overnight. Scattered storms stay in the forecast through the rest of the week.

In the long-term forecast, there doesn’t appear to be any major temperature change as we seem to experiencing the typical summer weather. Until next time!

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Wet Week Wednesday!

Welcome back from summer break! We will be returning to weekly posts starting next week! Until then stay dry! We are expecting rain off and on for the next 48 hours with models giving us totals between 2-4in.

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Holy Hot Summer!

We interrupt our weekly wacky weather Wednesday with a current hot topic! Summer came in swinging fast and hard! These last few days have been in the upper 90s and with a heat index of over 100 degrees, we can expect a slight break going into the weekend but the heat will return early next week. The only chance of rain is a slight chance of a scattered thunderstorm Friday. I will also be moving wacky weather to Monday or Tuesday to help spread the blogs. This is another reminder that the 19th is Father’s Day! Stay cool and stay safe out there!

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Forecast Friday:

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you got to go out and enjoy this cool day because the week away might take your breath away. Anyways let’s take a look at the upcoming weekend’s weather, shall we?

Short Term:

Tonight we can expect lows around 60 degrees with mostly clear skies and a small breeze from the east. Saturday will be a high of around 86 degrees and mostly cloudy skies with no chance of rain. Sunday will have highs expected around 92 degrees. Both Saturday and Sunday nights will have lows around 68 and 78 degrees, respectively. Not a bad weekend for summer but we just heating things up.

Long Term:

Looking at the week ahead there will be a ridge settling over us for most of the week. What does that mean? We can expect the first major heat wave of the year this week. Monday through Wednesday appear to be the days we can expect the most intense the heat and humidity. So keep up with your weather stations or apps for the latest forecasts for changes in the temperatures. Try to minimize exposure to the sun in the coming days to reduce your chances of a heat stroke. See you next Wednesday and stay cool!

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Wacky Weather Wednesday: Sprites

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry for the late post but today was a busy one! Today we will be talking about something I have never seen but want to see, a sprite.

A sprite or also known as “red sprites” are large but weak luminous flashes that appear directly above an active thunderstorm system and are coincident with powerful positive cloud-to-ground lightning strokes. Their spatial structures range from small single or multiple vertically elongated spots to bright groupings which extend from above the cloud tops to altitudes up to almost 60 miles. Sprites are usually red and they usually last no more than a few milliseconds, so blink and you will miss it! The brightest region lies in the altitude range of 40 to 45 miles, above which there is often a faint red glow or wispy structure that extends to about 55 miles. Below the bright red region, blue tendril-like filamentary structures often extend down to as low as 20 miles. Some events are loosely packed and may extend across 30 miles or more horizontally. Their shapes have been described as resembling jellyfish, carrots, or falling stars. That is all for today, I will catch you all on Friday!

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Forecast Friday

Short Term:

Happy Friday everyone! Today is going to be a warm one with highs around 83 and sunny skies! There will be a slight breeze out of the Northeast so it might be a good idea to chill in the shade and read a book! Friday night we can expect clear and cool weather, with a low of 55. The fair weather continues through Saturday with mostly sunny skies and highs around 85. Saturday night will have partly cloudy skies and lows around 57. Sunday we can expect a chance of isolated thunderstorms or otherwise partly cloudy skies and a high around 87.

Long Term:

Throughout next week we can overall temperatures in the 80s with most days with sunny skies, but the chance of rain may return later next week. We still have yet to pass the 90 degrees mark, what are your thoughts on that?

Bret G

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Wacky Weather Wednesday

Welcome back to wacky weather Wednesday! Today we will be talking about the fire whirl. What is a fire whirl? A fire whirl, also commonly known as a fire devil, is a whirlwind induced by a fire and is often composed of flames, ash, smoke, and any other smaller material. Fire whirls occur when intense rising heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form whirling eddies of air. These eddies can contract a tornado-like vortex that sucks in debris and combustible gases. Fire whirls are technically not tornadoes since their vorticity derives from the temperature-induced lifting and surface winds instead of the tornadic mesocyclone aloft. Most of the largest fire whirls are spawned from wildfires. They form when a warm updraft and convergence from the wildfire are present. They are usually 10–50 m tall, a few meters wide, and last only a few minutes. Some, however, can contain wind speeds over 120 mph and persist for more than 20 minutes. Did you know that fire whirls have a bunch of different names? Such as a fire tornado, firenado, fire swirl, or fire twister. See you all back here on Friday!

To read more:

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Forecast Friday:

Short Term: Expect a chance of lingering showers that will taper off before midnight with partly cloudy skies overnight. The low will be around 57 degrees so a nice night to open windows with a slight breeze from the Northwest. On Saturday expect a high of approximately 78 degrees and partly cloudy skies and Saturday to have a low of around 56 degrees.

Long Term: Expect warm temperatures Sunday into early next week! Memorial Day is looking to be a hot and sunny day so that is a great day to go to a local lake, like Nolin Lake. We may even hit 90s degrees next week!

Enjoy Your Memorial Day!

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Wacky Weather Wednesday

Welcome to wacky weather Wednesday! This is the weekly blog where we will take a look at strange and rare weather phenomena that can occur throughout the world. This week let’s start it off with Fallstreak Holes.

A fallstreak hole is a large circular or round gap that can appear in altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds. They are also known as “hole punch clouds”.They form when high to mid-level clouds are often composed of tiny water droplets that are much colder than freezing, but have yet to freeze. These “supercooled” water droplets try to freeze, and all they need is a little push. Planes passing through the cloud layer can bring that little push. The water droplet quickly freezes, grows, and starts to fall. A hole is left behind, which will start to expand outward as neighboring droplets start to freeze. They usually are a pretty sight to see and are completely harmless. Enjoy your Wednesday!

Danny McNeal

Source: https://cloudappreciationsociety.org/fallstreak-holes-%E2%80%93-a-new-understanding/

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