Wild Weather Wednesday

Today’s Forecast

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has had an amazing week so far and enjoyed the lovely weather. Today will be a beautiful day with a high of 71 and a low of 44. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day with highs in the lower 70s and lows in the lower 50s. Friday will bring in some clouds with a small chance for some showers. Highs will be in the mid 70s and lows will be in the mid 60s. This weekend will be nice and breezy with highs in the lower 80s and lows in the upper 60s.

Recent Wild Weather

Earlier this week one of the wealthiest cities in the entire world, Dubai, would amass a years worth of rainfall in just 12 short hours! Dubai on average gets somewhere around 5.12 inches of rainfall yearly, although those numbers have been steadily creeping up over the past several years. On Tuesday, a record 5.59 inches of rain had fallen. In footage, residents can be seen riding jet-skis through the flooded streets and high-end Rolls-Royce’s being swept away in the currents. Experts are now arguing what is behind this massive and unusual weather event. The debate is focused on two culprits: cloud seeding and climate change. Cloud seeding is a weather modification concept that attempts to draw more rain out of a cloud than it would naturally. Aircraft fly through existing clouds injecting tiny particles, like silver iodide, with the goal of creating more water or ice droplets. According to meteorologists at the NCM there were six or seven cloud-seeding flights just before the rainfall event occurred. This is fueling the controversy from that side of the argument. Other scientists say climate change, in general, is responsible for more intense and more frequent storms, droughts, flood and wildfires around the world – and is likely the cause of this recent wild weather event.

Wild Weather this Day in History’

For this week’s look at wild weather in history we will visit a location that is over 3,000 miles away from Bowling Green, KY. That’s right… we are headed to Alaska, more specifically, to a city named Juneau. Juneau is the capitol of Alaska and has around 31,000 residents. The summer months in Juneau sees temperatures averaging out in the lower 60s with July being the hottest month. The city normally sees 21  days, or so, a year above 69 degrees. These readings can range from May all the way until September. On this day in history, April 24th, the earliest recording of 70 degrees would occur. Since the start of accurate record keeping at the airport, Juneau has averaged nineteen 70 degree days per year. In 1973, there were only two. In 2004, there were 42.

I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week and enjoys the nicer weather before the possibility for a wet and stormy next week!

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