Commencement Outlook

Good morning, everyone! We hope your finals are going well!

If you are in or attending the graduation events hosted by the university, you may want to have an umbrella handy. For, an incoming low pressure system is to bring precipitation chances to our region of the country. Whilst the risk for severe weather is low, it is still important to acknowledge the chance. Theta-e, to which is a good indicator for instability with storms, has the potential to nose into the southern counties of the state. This may result in stronger storms, capable of producing high winds, heavy rainfall, and lightning. As of now, showers and storms will remain scattered throughout the late afternoon and remainder of the day. Remember to stay weather aware!

Tornado outlook for today (Storm Prediction Center)

Farewell, Meteorology Blog…

For a while now, I have been a contributor for the Meteorology Blog, but all good things must come to an end. This will be my final post for the university, as I graduate today, and will pass the torch onto undergraduates that can benefit from working for this team in the way that I did.

It has been an absolute honor to serve this community. I would like to thank you, personally, for supporting us!


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Severe Weather Risk

Good Afternoon

The past couple days have been quite nice and sunny throughout the past couple days, this is all about to change. as we move into tomorrow, a warm front will pass through the area which will help create a chance for storms ahead of the cold front. a few supercells may form ahead of the cold front which will bring the threat for damaging winds, hail and a couple tornadoes are possible. the best timing for these storms will be from mid afternoon to early evening (3pm-8pm). A second round of storms is possible from 6pm to 11pm that will form ahead of the main cold front these storms will cause damaging winds. Make sure you have ways to receive alerts incase warnings are issued.

Stay Safe out there!

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Today in Weather History

Good afternoon to you! How are you holding up for finals? We hope well!

On this day, in 1868, the state of Illinois fell victim to severe thunderstorms that produced catastrophic tornadoes. One in particular had a path of fifteen miles, tearing through the counties of Warren and Knox. In the vicinity, a town known as Ionia was completely demolished, along with sixteen homes and two churches across the state. Unfortunately, this storm took the lives of six people and injured forty others. You may be thinking: fifteen miles has to be the longest track on record, right? But, you would be sadly mistaken. Not even the Mayfield, Kentucky tornado broke the country’s record. The longest tornado path ever recorded was known as the “Tri-State Tornado,” to which took place in 1925, and was on the ground for two hundred and twenty miles! Isn’t that insane?

We hope you learned something new today! Good luck on finals!

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Mason’s Monday Forecast 5/2

Good morning, folks, and happy Monday!

Today’s Forecast

For today, expect warm and partly cloudy conditions with highs in the low 80s. Overall a pretty nice May day. We will be tracking rain that will move in tonight into tomorrow however, with rain chances starting around midnight. A few rumbles of thunder and gustier winds cannot be ruled out. Lows will be in the mid 60s.

What to Watch For

Tomorrow will bring the potential for severe weather into the late afternoon and evening time frame. Currently the SPC has outlined the region in a marginal to slight risk for severe weather, which is a lower end threat, but a threat nonetheless. Gutsy winds and small hail are possible along with heavy rain, so use caution when traveling and stay tuned to local forecasts tomorrow. For the rest of the week, Wednesday looks dry, followed by rain chances again for your Thursday and Friday. Could be a wet and warm week!

Weather Fact!

With the Kentucky Derby happening this weekend, let’s take a look at some historical weather extremes for the event day, courtesy of NWS Louisville:

Coldest temperature: 36° May 4, 1940 and May 4, 1957

Warmest temperature: 94° May 2, 1959

Wettest: 3.15″ of rain May 5, 2018

Frozen precipitation: On May 6, 1989 sleet was observed from 1:01pm to 1:05pm

Have a great week everyone 🙂

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Happy End of April Everyone!

As we look ahead to the last weekend of April it looks to be a great weekend! Saturday we can expect a high on Saturday around 82 degrees with sunny skies to start the day with cloudy skies to end it. Also starting in the late Saturday afternoon we can expect scattered storms to approach from the west and continue through Saturday night. The possibility of severe storms will be present depending on if the storms can maintain their strength. Damaging winds and a slight chance of a tornado is the main concern but nothing like December 1oth. On Sunday we can expect sunny skies with a high of around 80 and a chance of a shower. So go on outside and enjoy the weather! Also, this is your one-week reminder of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8th.


Bret G

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A Lovely Thursday Ahead

Good afternoon, everyone! Today was the last class of the semester for many, so I would like to wish you all luck on the upcoming finals!

Today, the forecast will be in favor of those of you that are fond of studying outdoors. As high pressure lingers in our region of the country, the forecast will call for nothing but sunshine. Conditions will be comfortable, with low humidity, and temperatures in the mid 7o’s. It’s that time of the year again, though, where you must be cautious of the amount of sunlight you expose yourself to. The UV index is predicted to reach around 7, so try and wear protective gear, such as wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, if possible. Tonight, we will cool back off into the mid 50’s and we won’t see any isolated showers until the overnight hours.

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend! Study hard!

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Warm air here to Stay?

Good morning!

its beginning to look a lot like summer. But the real question is, will the warm temperatures be here to stay? The answer to that question is it looks like a real possibility. Over the next several days temperatures will climb into the mid 70’s and remain that way for the next week or so. Mornings will still be chilly but it will rapidly begin to warm up once the sun rises everyday. The Climate Prediction Center has Bowling Green under a 40-50% chance for above normal temperatures on the 6-10 day outlook so in all in all it looks like the warm weather is here to stay! There will be plenty of opportunities to get outside and get some of that fresh air as well. The good news for all you winter lovers is that Christmas is now only 242 days away!

Have a nice day!

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Temperatures to Plummet Into Early Morning Hours

Good evening, everyone! Finals is right around the corner, can you believe it? We sure can’t!

For tomorrow, the National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory for our area that will remain in effect from 3am to 8am. Thus, if you are an early riser, be prepared to layer up to brace for those mid-30 temperatures. Tonight, be sure to cover up any outdoor vegetation to prevent from frost damage. Fortunately, temperatures are to heat up to the 70 degree mark by the afternoon, so the cold is rather short-lived. Enjoy the sunshine while you can!

Have a great rest of the night! Signing off!

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Mason’s Monday Outlook 4/25

Good morning, folks, and happy Monday!

Today’s Forecast

For today, rain showers will persist through the morning, tapering off through the afternoon. Isolated showers possible this evening as well, otherwise cloudy and mild. High temperatures will be in the lower 70s. Not a bad day overall, as the rain will not be very heavy, and thunderstorm chances are low.

What to Watch For

Overall this week looks fairly calm with mild temperatures. High temperatures on Tuesday look to be in the lower 60s, with mid 70s by the end of the week on Friday. Additionally, after today, no rain chances in the forecast until Friday. Enjoy the nice week! Perhaps this week would be a good week to get out in the yard if you have some spare time!

Weather Fact!

This past Saturday, the “Thunder Over Louisville” event- part of the Kentucky Derby Festival- took place. The high temperature on this day reached a toasty 87 degrees Fahrenheit, setting a new record high temperature for the event. According to WDRB in Louisville, the previous high temperature in the event’s history was 82 degrees in 2004. This is quite a significant margin for a high temperature record!

Have a great week everyone 🙂

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today is a great day to get out and enjoy the 80-degree weather! Earth Day was first held on April 22, 1970, and is celebrated on April 22nd every year. This weekend is looking like a perfect weekend as both Saturday and Sunday will have highs in the lower 80s. Saturday we will have winds out of the south with gusts up to 25mph. The lows for both nights will be right around 65 and Sunday night will have a slight chance of rain. Today is the perfect weather to celebrate this wonderful rock we call home, so go on and get out there and enjoy the weather!

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