Cooler Temperatures to End Out the Week

Welcome back to the Western Kentucky Meteorology Blog! We hope that you have been able to get outdoors sometime this week to enjoy the weather that we have had!

Today, we have a slight chance for isolated showers throughout the entirety of the day. But, overnight, there will be another cold front passing through, bringing about a lack of precipitation chances and an abundance of cooler temperatures. As a pair of high pressure systems follow suit, we will have pleasant conditions to end out the week. Expect clear skies, calm winds, and cooler temperatures.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Sweater weather, here we come! Have a great weekend!

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Big Cooldown for Friday

Good morning everyone! Hopefully you all got to see Mars at its brightest last night as it was at peak opposition form the sun.

Mars will reach opposition on Oct. 13, 2020, when the Red Planet will be only 39 million miles (62.7 million km) from Earth — the closest pairing until 2035. As a result, Mars looks much brighter and bigger than usual.

For the time being, we are under a high pressure system so mild conditions will hold until Thursday evening when a cold front will pass bringing some light rain that night as well as cooler temperatures for Friday.

Surface prog chart
    • Wednesday:
      • High: 79
      • Low: 54
    • Thursday:
      • High: 72
      • Low: 43
      • Precipitation: Trace
    • Friday:
      • High: 59
      • Low: 38

Have a great, safe, and fun week!

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A Beautiful Week Ahead

Good afternoon to you, and welcome back to our blog! We have good news for you, and that is that we are going to be having a relatively quiet week as far as forecasts go! As of now, for most of the week, high pressure systems will be about in our area, making for a fair weather pattern to look forward to. On Thursday, there will be a brief disturbance as a cold front passes through, but conditions look to clear up by Friday and into the weekend.

Moreover, we will see quite the variation in temperatures this week. We have started out fairly warm, but those temperatures will lessen by Thursday, with the frontal passage that is expected. Therefore, Friday and into the weekend, temperatures look to be much cooler than what we started the week out with.

More to come tomorrow! Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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Remnants of Delta Passing Through

The remnants of Delta have mostly finished passing through and that’s going to come with a small chance of rain for the start of your work week. The high for today is 81F and the low is 47F with a slight chance of rain being the main concern for the day right around lunch hour to 3:30 pm as a weak frontal boundary passes through. Nothing major though as this is only expected to affect our western counties. Winds will remain out of the southwest for the day at 13mph, keeping us mild for the day. Sunshine will remain on the board for the rest of the week, but we do catch another chance of rain as we end the work week so definitely stay tuned!

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Prepare for a Soggy Weekend!

Well the week has remained fairly mild and dry for the most part but that is coming to an end as we approach the weekend. The high for today is 82F and the low is 62F. If you have any last minute outdoor work to do before the weekend, today is the day to get that out of the way. Though today is expected to remain dry, Hurricane Delta will be the primary cause of showers intervening with out Saturday into Sunday. The day is expected to remain mostly cloudy due to cloud cover coming in from Hurricane Delta. Precipitation for the weekend will be anywhere from 1-2″, though some areas of localized flooding is the main concern. Overall though, there is no concern for a severe weather threat we’ll just have to bunker down for a rainy weekend.

[Image of WPC QPF U.S. rainfall potential]


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Warm Conditions Before a Wet Weekend

Good morning! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the sun right now because this weekend will be a soggy one. Winds from the west continue to help bring in warmer temperatures as they move around the high pressure sitting to the southwest.

This afternoon that cold front will drift through but won’t have much of an impact on temperatures outside of preventing them from getting any warmer.

The next biggest impact to local weather will come from what is now Hurricane Delta. Here is the latest satellite image of the hurricane as it approaches landfall:

Source: NOAA
Source: NHC

The latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center has the system as a tropical depression that should be around the area early Sunday morning. With the rain bands, we will likely start to see impacts Friday night with the peak of the system hitting Saturday night into Sunday. Soon we should have a clearer picture of timing and those impacts. For now, enjoy the sunshine!

    • Wednesday:
      • High: 84
      • Low: 53
    • Thursday:
      • High: 81
      • Low: 52
    • Friday:
      • High: 80
      • Low: 58
      • Precipitation: Trace

Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great week!

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The Calmness Continues

Welcome back to the Western Kentucky University Meteorology Blog! So far, we’ve had a rather pleasant trend thanks to the lack of disturbances in the atmosphere and we can expect for it to continue on throughout the work week. As shown below, a high pressure system will be dominating our forecast for tomorrow, bringing about a similar forecast for what we’ve seen so far this week.

Moreover, expect lots of sunshine paired with dry, breezy conditions. We will see temperatures reach the lower 80’s and drop to the lower 50’s. For now, Friday looks to be the start of storm chances for the week, but we will be monitoring this closely and updating you in the days to come.

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Sun Galore for the Week!

Expect temperatures to be cooler for the start of the week with a high of 66F and a low of 38F. Some folks even woke up to some patchy frost this morning! The Tennessee Valley is currently under a high pressure system, which is expected to keep those sunny and dry conditions around for most of the week! Things will start warming up tomorrow and temperatures will stay in the high 60’s to mid 70’s for the remainder of the work week.

Tropical storm Delta is expected to make landfall on the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Atlanta coast sometime late this week. Delta is expected to strengthen into a hurricane by the time it makes landfall. Stay tuned to see how this will affect our weather story for next week!


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Fall Weather is Here!

Prepare for a chilly but sunny Friday as the Tennessee Valley as a high pressure system rolls in. The high for today is 64°F and the low is 41°F. Winds out of the SW are helping in bringing that colder air in. Though things are cooling down, some regions in Kentucky will struggle to make it out of the 60’s and remain in the upper 50’s, so definitely pull that sweater out as you head on with your day! Expect the same weather story for Saturday, with a high of 67°F and a low of 46°F with mostly sunny conditions. Sunday brings in a chance for pop up scattered showers, but the models show uncertainty in some areas of KY so stay tuned! Sunday’s high will be 66°F with a low of 45°F.

Enjoy your weekend and these first tastes of Fall!

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Pleasant Seasonal Trend

Welcome back to the Western Kentucky University Meteorology Blog! That seasonal trend will carry out through the start of the weekend, so expect fair skies, gentle breezes, and cooler temperatures. To put it simply, high pressure will be prominent in the Midwest, as shown in the graphic below. We won’t be expecting any disturbances until Sunday, where we may have a handful of showers move through the area.

(Weather Prediction Center)

Check out the photo below to see the water vapor content in the lower levels of the atmosphere. For reference, the warmer colors indicate lower amounts of moisture whereas cooler colors indicate the opposite. Right now, almost all of the country has little to no moisture to start out the season!

(NOAA GOES Image Viewer)

That’s all for today! I hope you have some free time to spend outdoors!

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