Wild Weather Wednesday

Today’s Forecast

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope you’ve had a great week so far, and enjoyed these warmer temps. Today will continue to be warm with a high near 82. This morning will start out cloudy with a slight chance for some showers. As we go into this afternoon the possibility for thunderstorms and heavy rain increases. Some of these storms will be strong to severe with wind gusts as high as 31 mph. Tonight will mostly be rainy, with the chance for some lingering storms. Thursday will be much cooler with highs in the upper 50s. Showers will remain for most of the morning, but move out by the afternoon, leaving us with a mostly cloudy day.

Recent Wild Weather

As severe weather has recently taken its toll on the central and eastern U.S., one tornado in particular had a rare phenomena surrounding it. Usually, when we think of rainbows, we think of clearing skies following a storm. However, that is not always the case. On April 1, 2023, an EF-3 tornado ripped through Bridgeville and Ellendale, DE with estimated peak winds of 140 mph. As you can see in the image featured below, alongside of the enormous tornado was a beautiful rainbow. A rainbow isn’t really a “thing” and it doesn’t exist in a particular place. It is an optical illusion that appears when sunlight and atmospheric conditions are just right-and the viewer’s position is just right to see it. So, the absolute rarity to see a tornado (which is rare to see in itself), coupled with a rainbow is a pretty spectacular thing.

Wild Weather this Day in History

On April 5, 2000 high winds of 35-50 mph and gusts up to 70 mph blew across central and north central South Dakota from late morning to late afternoon. These winds knocked down many trees and branches; damaged many structures, roofs, billboards, and road signs; overturned some mobile homes and tractor-trailers; and caused many power outages. Along with making driving difficult, these winds stirred up dirt, causing visibility to be near zero at times. Along with these very high winds, conditions were very dry. Downed electrical lines caused many burns and fires. This resulted in several thousand acres of grassland, hay bales and haystacks, trees, and fences to be burned.

Have an amazing rest of the week and make sure to stay aware of the weather as some severe storms will move through our area.

Sources: https://www.weather.gov/abr/This_Day_in_Weather_History_Apr_05 https://weather.com/storms/severe/video/full-rainbow-appears-alongside-powerful-roaring-tornado-in-delaware

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Meteorology on Monday 4/3

Happy Monday everyone! Less than a week away from Easter Sunday, there is still time to buy some Reese’s Eggs before they are gone! Anyways let us take a look at the forecast for the week.

Monday Night: Tonight expects a low of around 58 degrees with cloudy skies. A passing shower is possible.

Tuesday: Cloudy skies in the morning giving way to partly cloudy skies in the evening. Expect a high of 82 degrees with winds gusting up to 20mph.

Tuesday Night: Cloudy skies all night with a low of around 70 degrees.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy skies with afternoon scattered storms. Storms will be severe with damaging winds as the main threat. Wind gusts up to 30mph.

Wednesday Night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms during the evening then changing to a steady rain overnight. Expect a low of around 50 degrees.

Thursday: Rain moving out in the morning, remaining overcast for the rest of the day with a high of around 58 degrees.

Thursday Night: A low of around 45 degrees with cloudy skies.

Friday: Cloudy skies with a high of around 62 degrees.

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Friday Forecast 3/31

Good morning, folks, and happy Friday!

Today’s Forecast

For today, there are going to be multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms. This morning, rain and thunder will persist until around noon. After noon, conditions will clear up for the most part, with afternoon temps maxing out near 70. This evening into tonight, a chance for severe thunderstorms begins. The SPC has placed Bowling Green and surrounding areas under an “Enhanced” risk level for severe weather.

Severe Weather Outlook 3/31/23, NWS SPC

Per the SPC, “Central Kentucky can expect more scattered instances of damaging wind and tornado threat late evening/overnight.” It is vital to stay attentive to the weather conditions tonight as the second round of storms develops.

What to Watch For

For tomorrow, we will dry things out around the area, but we will be left with some rather gusty conditions. Overnight, a wind advisory will in effect through Saturday for winds that could occasionally gust over 40mph. Otherwise, temperatures will be in the low 60s with abundant sunshine. Overnight, winds die down with clear skies, as temperatures in the mid 30s present a frost potential. Sunday looks pleasant with less wind, as highs will once again be in the low 60s with full sunshine. Next week looks potentially rainy, with at least slight rain chances every day next week.

Weather Fact!

Not really a fact, but more of a remembrance. Today marks 475 days since Bowling Green and the Western Kentucky University communities were struck by an EF-3 and EF-2 tornado. The memory of that event is still very much alive and present within the community as businesses and families are still rebuilding from that event. Traveling the 31W bypass that was among the areas directly hit by the tornado, not even a quarter mile from my college home, is still a surreal experience. It is a constant reminder of the gravity of these weather forecasts that I write, and how truly devastating severe weather can be.

Stay safe and stay alert tonight everyone.

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Wild Weather Wednesday

Today’s Forecast

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has had a great week so far and enjoyed the sunshine! As temperatures dropped overnight, some near or below freezing, a widespread frost is possible in some areas for this morning. But, with continued sunshine, temperatures will rise into the lower 60s. Heading into this evening and tonight, temperatures will begin to decrease, leaving room for another possible frost tomorrow morning. Expect another sunny day with a high in the upper 60s for Thursday.

Recent Wild Weather

Two days ago, on March 27th, a group of skiers at Sundance Resort in Utah filmed a massive avalanche on Mount Timpanogos, sending a giant cloud of snow into the sky and covering the skiers in a coat of snow. This avalanche wasn’t a threat to any skiers at the resort and no one was hurt. An avalanche is a rapid flow of snow down a hill or mountainside. Although avalanches can be triggers by many different things, there are certain times in the year and types of locations that are naturally more dangerous.

Wild Weather this Day in History

On March 29th, 1848, Niagara Falls completely stopped for the first and only time ever recorded in history. During the late afternoon, the falls eased to a trickle and then became silent for 30 hours. High winds, waves, and lake currents caused an ice jam at the neck of Lake Erie and the Niagara River entrance between Fort Erie, Ontario Canada, and Buffalo, NY. Those who were brave enough ventured onto the gorge and discovered many different relics that dated all the way back to the War of 1812. This ice jam held the water back until a shift allowed for the pent-up weight of the water to break through. There are many different warning signs you can look for or feel, so if you’re planning on being in the mountains, make sure you are aware of these signs.

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy these warm temperatures and sunshine!

Sources: https://www.niagaraparks.com/the-truth-behind-niagara-falls-frozen-appearance/ https://www.weather.gov/abr/This_Day_in_Weather_History_Mar_29 https://weather.com/news/weather/video/huge-natural-avalanche-stuns-skiers-at-sundance-resort-in-utah https://www.weather.gov/safety/winter-avalanche

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Meteorology on Monday 3/27

Happy Monday, everyone! As we approach the month of April, spring weather is finally upon us. Unfortunately, on Friday evening, a devastating tornado hit Mississippi, leaving entire neighborhoods destroyed and people in need of help. The town of Rolling Fork was one of the hardest hit areas, and the clean-up phase has only just begun. Similar to the Mayfield tornado that occurred over a year ago, the impact of this disaster is immense. If you’re able to, please consider donating to support those affected by the tornado. You can find links to reputable relief organizations or local community groups online.

Looking ahead, here’s the forecast for the next few days:

Monday Night: Expect a few passing clouds with a low of around 40 degrees.

Tuesday: Clouds will be present in the morning, but will give way to sunny skies in the afternoon. The high will be around 55 degrees and expect a bit of a breeze with winds gusting up to 20 mph.

Tuesday Night: Clear skies with a low of 32 degrees.

Wednesday: Sunny skies with a high of 60 degrees.

Finally, it’s important to note that Friday has the potential for severe or strong thunderstorms. Keep an eye out for updates on the timing of the storms throughout the week.

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Wild Weather Wednesday

Today’s Forecast

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope everyone has had a great week and is staying dry! Rain will continue through our area this morning, moving out by this afternoon, leaving us with cloudy skies. Temperatures will start to get warmer this week, with a high of 62 today. Tonight will be mostly cloudy with a low of 56. Tomorrow will be warm and windy. Highs will be in the mid to upper 70s with a slight chance for a stray shower or thunderstorm.

Recent Wild Weather

On March 20, in Savannakhet, Laos, a very hot day caused a dust devil to quickly form. This dust devil was said to be very powerful and destroyed a hut and knocked over a motorcycle. No one appeared to be hurt. In comparison to a tornado, dust devils are caused by strong surface heating, and are generally smaller and less intense than a tornado. Most dust devils range from 10 to 300 feet in diameter, reach heights around 500 to 1000 feet, and last for a couple of minutes. Even though they are typically smaller than tornadoes, dust devils can reach speeds of 60+ mph and can be destructive as they lift dust and other debris into the air.

Wild Weather this Day in History

On March 22, 1966, a blizzard began in the West and moved into Nebraska towards South Dakota. With winds up to 50 mph, visibility was near zero. Seven to 8 inches of snow hit South Dakota and nearly 2 feet of snow in the Black Hills. With snow everywhere, and no visibility, many schools, businesses, and roads closed down. One death was caused due to storm exposure and exhaustion and another death was caused indirectly by a heart attack.

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps for tomorrow before rain moves back in.

Sources: https://www.weather.gov/abr/This_Day_in_Weather_History_Mar_22 https://weather.com/news/weather/video/terrifying-dust-devil-destroys-hut-in-laos https://www.weather.gov/fgz/DustDevil#:~:text=These%20dust%2Dfilled%20vortices%2C%20created,a%20few%20minutes%20before%20dissipating.

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Meteorology on Monday 3/20

Happy Monday and a late Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! Today is officially the first day of Spring. Today is the spring equinox where the sun’s rays shine down onto the equator while the Earth sits with its axis tilted neither toward nor away from the sun. This causes 12 hours of sunlight almost everywhere on Earth. The spring equinox has another name “vernal equinox”. Now to the forecast for the next few days.

Monday Night: Low of around 30 degrees with clouds moving in throughout the night.

Tuesday: Cloudy with scattered rain showers in the afternoon. Warmer with a high of around 60 degrees, with winds out of the south 10-15mph.

Tuesday Night: Low of around 48 degrees, with periods of rain.

Wednesday: Rain moving out before noon, then cloudy skies remain. High of 63 degrees with winds gusting up to 20 mph.

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Friday Forecast 3/10

Good morning, folks, and happy Friday!

Today’s Forecast

For today, you can expect much calmer conditions than we had last Friday. Temperatures will push 50 degrees, with partly cloudy skies and 10-15mph winds. For tonight, clouds remain as temperatures drop to right around freezing. While the growing season has not officially begun yet, if there are any plants outside make sure they are brought in or covered overnight with the frost/freeze potential.

What to Watch For

Your Saturday looks to have similar conditions to today, with highs in the low 50s and partly sunny skies. However, rain chances will build overnight and last into Sunday. Rain totals look to be around a half inch for the area, as high temperatures Sunday will be in the mid 50s. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday overnights look to bring more frost/freeze potential, with Tuesday night into Wednesday bringing hard freeze potential. This will be monitored as this could be one of our last cold snaps of the season.

Weather Fact!

Last moth we witnessed one of the warmest February’s on record. In fact, according to Extreme Weather Watch, the average temperature of 49.2 degrees F was the 2nd warmest ever for the Bowling Green area. This falls just short of the record set in 1932, where the average February temperature that year was 49.7 degrees F.

Have a great weekend (and spring break for my WKU folks) 🙂

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Wild Weather Wednesday

Today’s Forecast

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a great week so far and have been enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures, as yesterday was the last day we will see that for the next little bit. Today will be mostly cloudy with a high near 53 and wind gusts of up to 14 mph. There is a very slight chance of a rain shower as we go into this evening, but overall it will stay cloudy. Thursday will be mostly cloudy with a high near 58 and a 50% chance of rain showers. With the potential to see a few heavy downpours, winds will be light. Expect rain showers to start early Thursday afternoon and last through early morning Friday.

Recent Wild Weather

As snow has been packing down onto Northern and Western United States, places like California are nearing record high snowfall levels. These snow storms have dumped heavy amounts of snow onto buildings, roads, cars, etc. and has so far caused over a billion dollars in destruction, along with some storm related deaths. Over the last week, Winter Storm Quest added on more than 2 feet of snow to higher elevations. To see snow topped on the San Gabriel Mountains behind the Los Angeles’ skyline is unusual, but this is the second time in just two weeks a storm brought this much snow to the mountains near LA. This photo capturing the Hollywood sign with the snow capped mountains was taken on March 2, 2023 by Mark J. Terrill. Snow is still not over for the state, as another system is heading in and is set to bring several more feet to the Sierra mountains over the weekend.

Wild Weather this Day in History

On March 8, 1909, at 7:10 pm, an F4 tornado hit the town of Brinkley, Arkansas. This tornado came with vivid lightning, hard rains, and only lasted five minutes. The two-thirds of a mile wide tornado destroyed 860 buildings, damage totals of up to one million dollars, and killed 49 people. On this day a major tornado outbreak occurred from the southwest to east central Arkansas. This F4 tornado was apart of a major tornado outbreak that also produced five F2s and one F3, and, in total, 61 people lost their lives.

Have an amazing rest of the week, and try to stay dry!

Source: https://www.weather.gov/abr/This_Day_in_Weather_History_Mar_08 https://weather.com/news/weather/video/unusually-heavy-snow-turns-los-angeles-skyline-into-a-winter-wonderland

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Flashback to Friday 3/3

Good morning folks! I neglected to write my “Friday Forecast” blog post last Friday in lieu of the historic weather we witnessed on that day. Instead, I am going to highlight the extremely windy weather and severe weather we encountered.

On Friday, March 3rd, the Storm Prediction Center placed most of the Louisville/Bowling Green area under an “enhanced” risk for severe weather, including a hatched area of increased significant damaging wind potential.

3/3 Day 1 Categorical Graphic- SPC
3/3 Probabilistic Damaging Wind Graphic- SPC

This resulted in severe weather across the region, highlighted by the storm reports below. There were mainly reports of damaging winds, but also isolated tornado reports.

3/3 Storm Reports- SPC

This was being driven by a strong, negatively-tilted upper-level trough moving through the area. In fact, “This intense storm broke all-time low pressure records at Louisville and Bowling Green. The lowest pressure observed in Louisville was 28.85″ around 3:14 pm EST (the old record was 28.93″ on February 28, 1902; records go back to 1893). The lowest pressure observed in Bowling Green was 28.96″ at 1:12pm CST (the old record was 29.04″, records go back to 1973).”- NWS Louisville.

This strong system not only spawned severe weather, but thanks to the low pressure, created intense non-thunderstorm wind gusts. Winds gusted between 60-80mph on Friday and caused widespread power outages and damage such as fallen tree limbs and structural damage. These were some of the most widespread damaging winds the region has seen since the remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through in 2008. Here is a map courtesy of NWS Louisville showing some of those wind gusts:

3/3 MaxWind Analysis- NWS Louisville

This storm system punctuates what has been a rather windy start to the year for Bowling Green, as 18 days since February 1st have boasted a wind gust above 20mph (KY Mesonet). This does not look to change as there are several chances this week for wind gusts of this level, but nothing close to the severity of Friday’s winds.

Hold on to your hats everyone! Have a great week 🙂

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