Weather Weekly 3/12

Happy Wednesday everyone! It finally felt nice warm enough outside for shorts! Looking ahead, this Sunday is Saint Patrick’s Day! A fun fact about St. Patrick’s Day is that originally, the color associated with Saint Patrick was not green, but blue. It’s believed that the shift to green happened because of Saint Patrick’s use of the shamrock, with its three leaves, to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish people. Over time, the green of the shamrock became more closely associated with the day and its celebrations. So, as you prepare your shamrocks and green attire this Sunday, let’s take a look at the forecast ahead and hope we are lucky. After all, there’s no pot of gold this week, but with the sun shining down on us, who needs gold when we are walking in the sunshine?

Wednesday, March 13 – Night
Expect a few passing clouds with a slightly cooler low of 55°F. The night will bring just a slight whisper of wind from the south, making for a serene evening.

Thursday, March 14 – Day
The day heats up to near 79°F with partly to mostly cloudy skies. Expect a gentle breeze from the south-southwest, keeping the air fresh.
Night: The temperature slightly dips to 60°F. Scattered thunderstorms are expected in the evening, becoming more widespread with potentially heavy rainfall as the night progresses. The chance of rain stands at 70%, accompanied by a soft breeze.

Friday, March 15 – Day
An overcast sky with intermittent rain showers and a possibility of thunderstorms, high of 67°F. The wind, coming from the west, will be just a gentle reminder of the changing weather.
Night: Cloudiness decreases late, with a low of 43°F. Expect a calm night with a mild north-northwest breeze.

Saturday, March 16 – Day
Early clouds give way to mostly sunny skies, with a high of 65°F. A light breeze will be present, making for a pleasant day.
Night: Minimal cloudiness with a low of 43°F. The evening will maintain a gentle breeze, perfect for a peaceful night.

Sunday, March 17 – Day
Saint Patrick’s Day! Expect mostly cloudy skies in the morning, clearing up by the afternoon with a high of 58°F. A slightly stronger breeze from the northwest will be felt throughout the day.
Night: Partly cloudy with a chilly low of 32°F. The night air will carry just a hint of a breeze.

Monday, March 18 – Day
Clouds and sunshine will alternate, with a cooler high of 45°F. A brisk wind will blow from the northwest, stronger than previous days.
Night: Mostly clear skies with a colder low of 25°F. The night will have a gentle breeze, adding a crispness to the air.

Tuesday, March 19 – Day
A beautiful day ahead with plenty of sunshine and a high of 52°F. Expect a light and refreshing breeze throughout the day.
Night: The sky remains mostly clear with a low of 33°F. The night will be quiet, with only a whisper of wind.

Wednesday, March 20 – Day
Partly cloudy skies with a pleasant high of 54°F. The day will be marked by a slight breeze, making for comfortable midweek weather. See you back here next Wednesday!

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