Its been quite a change in scenery over parts of the southeast as “Old Man Winter” finally takes his toll. Temperatures have plummeted well below freezing in some parts of the country and as odd as it seems parts of northern Florida have seen below freezing temperatures. Ocala, FL dipped down to a chilly upper 20s, where normals are in the mid 40s.Below is a current temperature map taken at 12PM.

Nearly half the country is at or around freezing temperatures; however, these cooler temperatures are expected to regress back towards the north by the middle of the week.

The chance for snow still sticks around ever slow slightly later this evening but by tomorrow temperatures will rise leaving behind rain as the primary form of precipitation. For Tuesday and Wednesday–temperatures will be on a climbing kick while the chance for precipitation decreases. This will bring partly cloudy skies and mid 40 to 50 degree temperatures to the area.

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