Storm recap and forecast for the week

2. Tuesday skies will be sunny with some southerly flow. I expect a quick warm-up with highs in the mid 60’s.

3. Another sunny day Wednesday with southerly flow lows will range from the mid to upper 40′s. Highs will be in the 60′s.

4. A split flow pattern evolves by mid-week with a cut-off low over the desert southwest and a front moving across the great lakes. Increasing clouds Wednesday night and southwest winds may keep temps in the 50′s.

5. The cut-off low forms a low over the Arkansas region Thursday. Severe weather stays south of our region since the low track is south. However periods of rain are likely from Thursday afternoon into Friday. Temperatures Thursday should rise into the 60′s before falling into the 40′s early Friday with highs in the 50′s on Friday.

6. Low level cold drills in by Saturday morning lows may be in the  low 30′s. Our frontal boundary moves south of the region, the most likely case is what the models are showing a sunny cold day Saturday. However I would not be surprised to see a secondary low along the front make a run at the region with a freezing rain/rain mix.

NWS report on the southern supercell from Friday

432 PM EST Mon Mar 05 2012

...Damage Report for Simpson and Warren counties in Kentucky...

Damage Type: Straight Line Wind Damage

       Date: Mar 02 2012
 Begin Time:  4:48 PM EST
   End Time:  5:05 PM EST

Begin Point: 4 NNW Franklin
  End Point: 2 SE Alvaton

 Wind Speed: 80-90 mph

   Injuries: 0
 Fatalities: 0

Damage Type: Tornado

       Date: Mar 02 2012
 Begin Time:  5:05 PM EST
   End Time:  5:07 PM EST

Begin Point: 2 SE Alvaton
  End Point: 2 E Alvaton

   EF Scale: 1
 Wind Speed: 95 mph

Path Length: 2 miles
 Path Width: 60 yards

   Injuries: 0
 Fatalities: 0


Straight line wind damage along and north of the super cell moving
through Simpson County uprooting shallow-rooted hardwood and
softwood trees and destroying a tool shed on Evans Rd.  As it moved
into Warren county it damaged barn roofs and produced golf ball size
hail which penetrated siding on numerous vinyl sided houses.  As it
reached 961 east of Alvaton in Warren county, it spawned an EF1
tornado with winds estimated at 95 mph destroying a barn and tool


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