Weekend Rainfall Totals from Isaac and Forecast for 9/4-9/6.

Monday has brought us clearing from the remnants of Isaac with skies becoming partly cloudy by noon today and sunshine popping out around 2 pm. Rainfall totals over the weekend for Bowling Green ranged anywhere from 1 inch to 1.3 inches with the southern part of Warren County receiving the highest totals.

Moving onto the rest of the week, the precipitation should hold off until Wednesday. Until then, we will still be experiencing very humid conditions due to the abundance of moisture available from Isaac’s passage this weekend.  A frontal boundary will be making it’s way from the west into Kentucky overnight Wednesday bringing with it another chance at precipitation. The low pressure system associated with this front has already begun to occlude and weaken so it is expected the front will be substantially weakened when it arrives in our area Wednesday night.

This will lessen our chances for widespread precipitation as lifting with the front will be weakened as it continues to occlude. The precipitation will continue into Thursday with an eventual drying out Thursday night as the front moves to the east. The next influence should move in Friday as a more potent system looks to be in place.

Forecast At a Glance:

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy with humid conditions. Stray showers possible in early night. Low 71 degrees.

Wednesday: Starting out dry with shower chances increasing into the night with approaching front. Partly cloudy conditions during the day. High, 90 degrees. Low, 73 degrees.

Next Update: 9/6/12





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