Severe Storms Possible This Week

I am sure everyone is in the need of a break from the winter weather that we have seen the past couple of days.  Well the break is on the way.  Temperatures will make their way into the upper 50s and into the 60s this week.  This is about 20 degrees above average.  But with these milder temperatures comes the chance of severe weather in the middle of this week.


This is showing the severe weather potential for Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Bowling Green is on the edge of a slight severe potential for the week.  This would come in the form of a squall line, which has the possibility of damaging winds.  In the picture below, it shows a squall line moving through the area overnight on Wednesday.


 If you take a look at the top right image, this is showing that there will be a cold front that comes through Tuesday night into Wednesday.  If you take a look at the bottom right image, we may see about one inch of rain as the system moves through.  Also, Bowling Green is near the heaviest amount of rain.  The winds will be strong during this time frame.   After the cold front comes through, temperatures will be back to reality, with temperatures back in the 30s.

Week Forecast:

Today- We have a slight chance for rain as we go through the day today.  Temperatures in the upper 40s.

Monday– Another slight chance for showers and highs near 60 degrees.

Tuesday-Showers, temperatures in the mid and upper 60s.  Later in the evening, we will hear rumbles of thunder as a squall line moves through.  There is a possibility of damaging winds.

Wednesday-Showers linger throughout the day and temperatures will drop.  Our high will be in the morning, so we will be back to seasonal temperatures by the afternoon.

Thursday-Mostly sunny, with highs in the upper 30s.

Friday-Mostly sunny, highs in the upper 20s.

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