Weather Roller Coaster

We saw about every season this week.  From tornadoes to snow.  It has been a crazy, intense week here in South Central Kentucky.  We first saw fall like temperatures earlier on in the week and then we transferred right to summer like temperatures with 70 degree temperatures Wednesday Morning.  Yes, that’s right, Wednesday morning at 1 am.

Here’s what happened:

Tuesday night into Wednesday there were two EF-2 tornadoes that touched down near Bowling Green.  One was in Smiths Grove and destroyed someones barn and silo.



Then there was another one near Penrod, Ky.  This one tore apart a barn and left debris in the trees.


Picture taken by Landon Hampton and posted on Facebook. This is damage from the EF-2 tornado near Penrod, KY.

There were numerous storm reports on Wednesday morning and the NWS went out and surveyed the damage, deciding what was caused by winds or a tornado.

Lets move on to the other drastic change.  We are back to the cold temperatures of January.  Another cold front is moving in tonight and is bringing with it snow.


We could see up to 1 inch of snow when all is said and done.  We will see sunny skies on Friday after the snow and clouds move out, but then there is more.  ANOTHER COLD FRONT will move into the area on Saturday bringing with it another shot at some accumulating snow.


If you look at the 540 line (red dashed) in the top right and bottom right pictures,  that is showing the line of where snow would form to the north of.  So we are going to see some light snow on Saturday.

The Weekend:

Friday: Sunny skies with highs in the mid 20s.  The wind chill could be in the single digits.  Bundle up!

Saturday: We will see a chance of snow showers in the morning before noon, then that will mix with some rain.  Could see some slick spots on the road.  Less than a half of inch is possible.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, highs in the low 40s.

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