Heavy Rain Tonight with Cooler Temps to Start the Week

Unseasonably warm temperatures have been welcomed to southern Kentucky this weekend.  Temperatures rose to the low 70s for the first time since late January.  Normally highs should be in the upper 50s for this time of year!  The warmth has been thanks to an upper-level ridge in place over the Ohio Valley.  This has placed a High pressure system to our southeast and a low pressure system and cold front off to our west.  Sitting between these pressure systems has place southern Kentucky in the return flow area which means southerly winds have been bringing in warm and moist air.  Those southerly winds have been strong at times with gusts in excess of 35 mph!

The aforementioned low pressure system and cold front which is now located from Missouri to Texas is pushing east and will be bringing with it heavy rainfall which will start this evening.  A few scattered showers or sprinkles are possible before midnight but most of the heavy rainfall will move in around midnight and continue through midday tomorrow.  The rainfall will be steady to even heavy at times.  In total 1 to 2 inches of rain is likely across all of south-central Kentucky with most of that falling between midnight and 9 am.  After the rainfall moves out tomorrow around midday, skies will remain cloudy and temperatures will continue to cool behind the passage of a cold front.  Temperatures will start in the mid to upper 60s at midnight but will fall through the 50s during the day with 40s by 6 pm tomorrow.

WPC's QPF precipitation forecast valid overnight through tomorrow.

WPC’s QPF precipitation forecast valid overnight through tomorrow.

Beyond tonight and tomorrow’s weather maker much of the rest of the week looks to be fairly quite.  An upper-level trough pattern will works its way in behind this system which won’t allow temperatures to warm back up very quickly.  In fact highs will likely be in the 40s on Wednesday.  Along with the trough some minor disturbances will pass through the Ohio Valley which will bring some clouds and the occasional chance of a sprinkle/flurry primarily Tuesday evening.  Looking on to the later part of the week and on to the weekend, it seems as though the trough will push to our east and a ridge and high pressure system will again move in bringing with it temperatures near 70 again by Friday and Saturday.

Daily Forecasts:

Tonight: Rain, which could be heavy at times.  Temperatures will start in the mid to upper 60s but will fall into the 50s by morning. South winds from 10-15 mph.  Rainfall between 0.75 -1.5 inches.

Monday: Rain likely in the morning ending around midday.  Otherwise cloudy with temperatures cooling from the 50s into the 40s by mid-afternoon. WSW to west winds from 8-16 mph. Total rainfall between 1 and 2 inches (including overnight rainfall).

Monday Night: Cloudy skies could become partly cloudy at times by morning. Light westerly winds with a low near 31.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny becoming partly to even mostly cloudy in the afternoon/evening.  High near 54. West winds from 8-14 mph.

Tuesday Night: Mostly to partly cloudy; a sprinkle/flurry cannot be ruled out early. WNW winds from 6-12 mph. Low near 31.

Wednesday: Mostly Sunny but cool with a high in the mid 40s.  Northwest winds from 5-12 mph.

Thursday: Cold start with lows in the upper 20s.  Mostly sunny with highs in the low 50s.

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