Weekend Forecast

Well, this week has been interesting, but we are on the up and up temperature wise.  Today was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 50s.  These should continue to go up to the mid to upper 50s by tomorrow.  This is all because of a high pressure system just to the west of Bowling Green.


Now this weekend we are going to see some rain and possible thunderstorms because of a low pressure system sweeping into our area.  This will cause our temperatures to stay relatively the same and may go down a bit. If you look in the second box, the 540 line is clearly to the north of us, so we will see only rain and now snow.  We will see showers throughout the whole weekend.  There is tons of moisture in the atmosphere.

friday night

Weekend forecast:

Friday: Slight chance of showers, high of 53.

Saturday: Showers likely, high of 60.

Sunday: Showers, highs in the low 60s.

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