Warm-Up for the Weekend, Rain Showers Start Next Week

This is turning out to be a roller coaster week for our weather!  Temperatures were in the lower 60s at the start of this week, but then we did not even make it into the 40s for Thanksgiving after we accumulated a little snow Wednesday night into yesterday morning.  Now, we are warming up with temperatures back into the low to mid 40s today, and temperatures in the lower 60s expected this weekend!


24 hour temperature change map valid for 6:00 PM CST on Friday, November 28th courtesy of Intellicast

As shown in the graphic above, there has been a strong warming trend over Central Plains region.  A similar trend is headed our way.  A strong southerly flow will bring warmer temperatures into the area tomorrow and especially Sunday.  However, there is another cold front not far behind.


Surface forecast map valid for 6:00 AM CST on Sunday, November 30th courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center

Some rain showers will form out ahead of the cold front and bring us a chance for isolated showers beginning tomorrow night.  The cold front shown in the graphic above will move through the area Sunday night into Monday.  So, the best chance for rain as well as the start of another cool down will be on Monday.


Tonight:  Partly cloudy skies, lows near 35°, and winds out of the south at around 6-8 mph.

Tomorrow:  Mostly cloudy skies, highs near 56°, and winds out of the south at around 8-15 mph.

Tomorrow Night:  Mostly cloudy skies, a 20% chance of isolated showers, lows near 54°, and winds out of the south at around 10-15 mph.

Sunday:  Cloudy skies, a 30% chance of isolated showers, highs near 64°, and winds out of the south at around 10-15 mph.

Sunday Night:  Cloudy skies, a 40% chance of scattered showers, lows near 48°, and winds out of the SSW at around 8-10 mph.

Monday:  Cloudy skies, a 60% chance of scattered showers, highs near 52°, and winds out of the WNW at around 8-10 mph.

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