Some drought relief; too early to tell how much

Over the past 50 years in Bowling Green, June 2nd is the median date for the first 90 degree day. Monday was 89 (May 28th) and both Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to have highs near 90. If we can avoid the 90 the next couple of days, we shouldn’t have to worry about a 90 for about a week, as a nearly closed off low currently over the Dakotas will slowly break down the ridge that has dominated the weather over the mid-south for the past 10 days.

Heights will lower over KY starting Friday afternoon and there will be below normal temperatures and scattered showers and thunderstorms around from Friday through the middle of next week as vort maxes rotate cyclonically through the trough. There is much disagreement in the models as to how long the unsettled weather will last. The GFS has maintained for several days now that the trough will remain over the Great Lakes through the end of next week while the European model weakens the trough and rebuilds the ridge in the Southeast. There is even great disagreement within the GFS ensembles as to how long the trough will remain in the Great Lakes. Ensemble solutions range from soaking rains for the mid-south to a strong ridge with 90+ temperatures.

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