Seven days in a row of rain

Bowling Green has received measurable rainfall (>0.01″) for seven consecutive days, a streak that is predicted to end Tuesday. How often has this happened? More often than you might think!

Since 1898, the Bowling Green weather station has recorded streaks of at least seven consecutive days of measurable precipitation 51 times, with the last streak occuring only two years ago (6/22/2007 – 6/29-2007). The longest such streak is 10 days, which has occurred four times, most recently in 1970 (5/28/1970 – 6/6/1970).

If the minimum daily rainfall amount of 0.05″ is used as the threshold, the number of streaks of 7 days or more with at least 0.05″ of rain falls to only 15 such streaks, with the most recent occurring in 1985 (10/29/1985 – 11/4/1985).

The good news for those who are tired of the recent clouds and rain is that after another chance of thunderstorms at the end of this week, the following 10 days are expected to be warm and dry.

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