Enjoy the weekend

After a good soaking very early this morning, the skies have cleared out nicely over south central Kentucky.  It’s shaping up to be a very sunny and breezy afternoon across the area as the cold front passes.  Don’t expect the temperature to warm up much beyond the current temperature of 68 as gusty winds out of the west will regulate the daytime heating somewhat.  The low temperature tonight should drop-out in the mid-40s as the dew point temperature will steadily decline throughout the day today.  Currently, dew points in southern Illinois are already in the mid-30s.

Saturday appears to be a mirror image of today minus the early morning rain.  As a zonal pattern begins to develop over the mid-south, the high temperature should climb to near 70 with abundant sunshine and breezy conditions all day.  These breezy conditions are attributed to a lingering 25 knot low level jet hanging around the area through Saturday night.  The low temperature tomorrow night will dive down to the low- to mid-40s once again.  While sunny conditions will continue into Sunday, the winds should die down quite a bit making it the best-looking day out of the next three.  A high temperature in the mid-70s seems reasonable for Sunday afternoon.

Have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy the nice weather!

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