Another hit of precipitation

Cold front passed early this morning with a high pressure center swinging in right behind it. Today has been a beautiful day and tomorrow should begin in the same fashion.  Highs look to hit in the mid-70’s for our Thursday with minimal chances of precipitation from an approaching warm front.

Low pressure system will develop to our southwest and progress to the northeast through the day tomorrow, swinging a cold front our direction bringing along some nice showers and storms.

This will be the activity to keep watch over as the pieces for a developing sqall line look to be put together ahead of the approaching front. Cold front will push east/southeast with the leading edge being accompanied by the line of storms. Models agree that winds from this system could reach from 40-50 knots. Stay updated for it looks as an active Friday lays in our future.  I will take another look at the development of this system tonight and have an update tomorow.

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