Mid week update ( congrats to Dr.Goodrich)

1. There some issues with comments getting through please try again if you have trouble getting through or e-mail Dr.Goodrich (gregory.goodrich@wku.edu). However he will be unavailable for the next two weeks.

2. Congratulations to Dr.Goodrich and his family as they will now have the honor of raising two meteorologists into the world that were born on Monday.

3. we have come one complete circle in the author loop now so it’s back to the start.

4. on to the weather now

– today we continue to have a zonal flow in place with high pressure leading to a sunny warm day with highs finally getting into the 70’s across the mid south

– the jet stream will amplify for Thursday and Friday with a strong southerly flow ahead of a cold front in the plains which will move east. Also moisture from tropical storm rick should get pulled into this frontal boundary. All of this leads to likelihood of showers and storms each day across the lower Ohio and Tennessee valleys. highs should still be in the 60’s with a warmer nights due to cloud cover in the 50’s. Any severe threat will hinge on the amount of sunshine in the afternoon that can lead to a greater degree of instability.As of Wednesday the spc has no severe risk for our region.

– by the weekend this front should bring in another cooldown behind it

– right now for Halloween the last few runs of the gfs are cold with a chance for snow showers with the operational euro not ruling it out!!

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