Generally Nice Finish to the Long Weekend

We’ll see sunny skies today and tomorrow, but some rain showers will return to the area on Sunday.  Black Friday will be anything but black until sunset tonight as we’ll have adundant sunshine all day today.   It will be fairly cool, however, with a high barely reaching 50 at Bowling Green.  But the sunshine along with light winds make today a nice-looking day for any late Thanksgiving get-togethers that you may have.  After we bottom out near freezing in south central Kentucky tonight, Saturday looks even better than today.  Tomorrow we’ll see more sunshine, calm winds, and a high temperature of near 60.  Saturday night should be tranquil as well, with a low warming back to the low-40s.

On Sunday, we’ll reach a high in the upper-50s, but some light rain showers will enter our area by late afternoon and early evening.  While these first few showers will be scattered in nature, some more consistent and heavier rain should arrive by midnight, giving us a nice soaking rain overnight and into Monday morning.  By midnight Sunday night, a jet streak of 150+ knots will pass over south central Kentucky, creating a scenario of strong uplift to help support sustained rain showers overnight.

Have a nice weekend.

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