forecast for the next week

I will be unable to post updates from wed-mon so i have posted a seven day forecast.  The one change in forecasting strategy I have made is to go a few degrees higher than the raw gfs which was to cool over the weekend. With the start of classes on the 25th there will be more students along with Dr.Goodrich who will volunteer or take course credit and become authors on the blog.

For some climatic perspective on this week upcoming it has been very dry this month and this weekend’s rain and the forecasted rain should catch the region back close to normal.  Looking at February a negative epo, ao and nao are projectedthis would indicate another blast of fairly chilly weather is on the way for Feb 1-10 with an active storm track.

seven day forecast

Mon Jan 18 mostly sunny low 35 high 57

Tue Jan 19 mostly cloudy low 40 high 53

Wed Jan 20 rain showers low 41 high 48

Thu Jan 21  steady rain low 38 high 47

Fri Jan 22 drizzle low 40 high 47

Sat Jan 23 fair, windy low 37 high 59

Sun Jan 24 rain and thunder low 50 high 54

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