A Break from the Winter Pattern

It came, it saw, it conquered. The snowiest pattern in recent years seems to have taken a break in regards to atmospheric circumstances. High pressure has dominated the region the past few days, and will continue to do so through tonight. Beautiful conditions are in store for your Saturday, with light southerly winds advecting warm air over the region. This has taken temperatures all the way into the upper 50’s! Expect a low tonight of 35. Tomorrow, things will get a little more active as the high pressure pushes out and makes way for a mid-latitude cyclone to take shape. Expecting tomorrows high to reach around 50.
The low pressure system that will bring our next weather event will move in from east Texas tomorrow afternoon. This will have a NE track and move north of the region by Monday. Warm front will swing through the area tomorrow evening, presenting showers across the area for tomorrow night. Monday will continue with showers as the trailing cold front will push through. Expecting rain chances to hang around through Monday night, with Tuesday clearing out and allowing a drop in temperatures thanks to the cold front. Everyone get out and enjoy this beautiful day!
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