Weekend Forecast

Its Friday and it’s a beautiful day. Only if it were a little warmer. There isn’t really much going on in our area today as far as weather is concerned, so today’s write up will be shorter.  Today the  high temperature should reach the mid 40’s, but it will feel warmer due to the sunny conditions.  With the clear skies this evening we can expect lows to be near 25 tonight. This weekends forecast is a little tricky because there is some disagreement between the NAM and the GFS.  The NAM is showing that we could have some snow showers Saturday night into to Sunday morning, while the GFS keeps the precip into Eastern Kentucky. The precip is coming off the back side of the low from the storm over New England.  So for Saturday and Sunday we can expect  partly cloudy conditions with some sun mixing in. It really all depends on whether the precip reaches our area. If it does then we could see cloudier conditions if not then sunnier.  Temps for this weekend should remain in the mid 40’s and lows in the mid to upper 20’s. In other news, the stormed I mentioned on Wednesday is still bringing snow to the New England area. Here are some of the snowfall totals thus far. Also from looking at the models, it looks like we could see a warm up next Sunday March the 7th. Models do change, especially since we are still more than a week out, but I thought I would least bring it to your attention. Even if the models do change, our next warm up should still be right around the corner. Here is what the GFS is currently showing for Sunday the 7th. Have a great Friday and a great weekend. Thanks for reading WKU’s met blog.

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