WKU Storm Chase Team

Recently, 8 students were selected after a series of processes to take part in the first “Field Analysis and Forecasting” class. This is actually going to be a storm chasing class that will take place during prime time for strong storms across the plains. That’s right friends, you heard me correctly… For the first few weeks after this semester ends, we will be tracking to The Great Plains, storm chasing!

Our instructor will be WKU’s very own Mesoscale (Scale of storms involving deep convection, supercells, etc.) professor, Dr. Joshua Durkee. I am VERY EXCITED that I was one of the students selected and cannot wait to take part in this. What’s the best part!? You can follow along here, as we hope to keep a very detailed, updated journal of the trip through my blog. The team will have video, pics, the whole 9 yards! I hope you continue to use this site as a way of staying updated on the weather, but for the first few weeks following this semester, my blog we will be using will be in a little different format… WITH A LOT MORE ACTION! Even Dr. D is excited, can you not tell!?
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