flood advisory untill 10 pm

Around 3 inches of rain has fallen today which has already created some difficult travels with water covered roads. Thunderstorms should die down in the next hour or two. In Bowling Green we had 12 straight hours with the observations rain, hvy rain or a thunderstorm not sure what the max streak for consecutive hours is at Bowling Green for that.

However even though a lull is expected this evening, “a chance to study for my dynamic final on Wednesday” supercells are firing in Arkansas in response to the next impulse traveling northward along this stalled frontal boundary. The storm prediction center has increased the severe risk to moderate for the region overnight as these storms head toward Kentucky. Instability which has been in check all day may become more favorable for severe storms overnight according to the latest modeling . Tornadoes, small hail and gusty winds will be the main threat with overnight thunderstorms. Make sure you have a way to be notified if a tornado warning is issued overnight.¬† These storms will become more linear tomorrow morning and be very slow to move through the region tomorrow with more training of heavy showers and storms expected. This will lead to another flood threat by days end which should be more widespread than today.

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