Continued nice weather

It looks like this beautiful weather will continue to stick around at least for a couple more days. It’s another fabulous day around the Mid-South today, with sunny skies and warm temperatures reaching up into the mid-80s over Bowling Green. It’s a bit gusty out of the southwest, however, as a trough advances through the Midwest and Great Lakes’ regions. This trough is providing places like Indiana and Ohio with some stormy weather today. But Bowling Green is too far south to be affected by the moisture associated with this storm, meaning that we shouldn’t expect any rain or storms through the evening. Our overnight low should settle down nicely into the mid-50s.

Tomorrow may be slightly cooler (low-80s) once this trough has advanced toward the Northeast, but really don’t expect any drastic changes for your weather tomorrow. Continued sunny skies and warm temperatures will be the norm tomorrow afternoon, so get out and enjoy it if you haven’t already this week.

Check back on Friday as Friday night appears to be our next decent chance at precipitation.

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