Thunderstorms staying north so far

Our mcs thunderstorm complex worth watching dissipated overnight but is still bringing some thunderstorms to northernKentucky this morning. This boundary should stay north of Bowling Green today which means we’ll have to wait fro the next mcs along the same front to bring a chance for some storms. The second mcs to form along the front is over central Missouri now, right now I’d have to say it is less intense severe wise than the first one was last night and will likely weaken this morning as it moves east into the Missouri valley. Eventually this complex may strengthen do to the heat of the day and a moderate to large degree of instability, cape from 700-2700 and a  LI from -4 to -6 modeled  over the mid south and lower Ohio valley this afternoon and evening thus the storm prediction center has a slight risk for severe storms just to the north of BowlingGreen. The chances for severe weather today through Thursday will be closely monitored here and by the stormtoppers, please check back for more updates.

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