Isolated to scattered showers, today

With a low pressure system sitting over Missouri and Kansas and moving southeast, the Mid-South is going to see some isolated to scattered showers, today. The main reasons for the lack of rain with this system are mainly the lack of overall moisture in the area, and the lack of soil moisture does not help the situation much, either.  The system that is moving toward Dixie has also become occluded, and is going to follow the southern branch of the split jet stream that is over Dixie. That being said, today will not be as warm as yesterday due to clouds being ever prevalent, today.  Any rain that is received today should be no more than 0.1 in., maybe some totals will approach 0.25 in., but that would be in some isolated extreme cases. In general this low is going to mark the beginning of a change in the overall pattern back to a ridge in the west and a trough axis right over the Great Lakes and extending down into Dixie, thereby setting the east coast up for the potential for more rain, and very likely exacerbating the already dry conditions the Mid-South and Ohio Valley alike are facing.

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