Clipper to provide another snow chance

Modeling has gone south with a very week clipper system expected to track across western KY and through the Nashville¬†the region late Saturday afternoon and evening. Good clipper track for snow, but it’s a very week clipper. Due to the increase in clouds I’m lowering highs to the mid 30’s given lows may run slightly cooler than forecasted with the snow on the ground.

– Right now the clipper shows up over northeast Nebraska as a period of light snow. This should continue moving southeast toward our region arriving late Saturday afternoon. Since this is a very week system it may fall apart and not give any snow.

– One favorable point for snow is it should encounter a region where lift is a little better Saturday afternoon, this could be west of us in which case light snow would be likely, the NAM. Or it could be on top on east of us only giving southeast KY a period of light snow, elevation will help them as well.

– In my view this is a 50% of a period of light snow with a coating to an inch of snow. Snow if it does occur could once again makes things slick.

The SPC WRF is really bullish on this snow while the RUC has no QPF. May be morning before we know what to expect.

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