Day 13 Recap

We started off our day by leaving Borger, TX and started to head east and toward home.

Most of us fell asleep right as we made it back into the car.  There has been a competition the past two weeks to try and catch each other sleeping, well chaser Kyle Berry was the winner.  He caught six of us sleeping in the van today.


After all waking up from our nap, I was asked to decide on where to go for lunch in Clinton, Oklahoma.  After looking at some in town restaurants, I chose Jigg’s Smokehouse.  I decided to get the BBQ Beef sandwich and boy was it a sandwich.


We left the smokehouse, and started on the road again.  Some of us played Apples to Apples to pass the time and some of us decided to listen to our music.  One thing that has always been a fun thing to play is the crossword game book that chaser Evan Webb brought.  Chaser Kyle Mattingly seems to know the most of these.  Jealous!

After sitting in traffic twice on our way east, we made it to our destination of Memphis, Tennessee.  We are in the home stretch and I know all of us have learned some valuable things and many things about the weather.

We have about a 4 hour drive tomorrow back to Bowling Green tomorrow.  I hope everyone has enjoyed following the trip!

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