Rain on Friday

Days at a glance:

Thursday: High – 46  Low – 21  Precipitation – 30% chance early rain showers with the impending warm front, totals will be less than .25 inch  Winds – N switching to E early 12-16mph  Sky – mostly cloudy with clouds increasing into the evening

Friday: High – 62  Low – 41  Precipitation – 100% chance rain showers associated with the warm front early and mid-morning  Winds – S 13-17 mph switching to NW 6-9 mph late evening  Sky – Overcast throughout the day, with clouds beginning to thin late evening

Saturday: High – 46  Low – 31  Precipitation – 0% chance  Winds – W 5-8 mph  Sky – mostly sunny

Sunday: High – 51  Low – 27  Precipitation – 0% chance  Winds – SE 5-8 mph  Sky – sunny


Today was a beautiful, but chilly day with blue skies and a high of 35. Bowling Green is currently at 26 degrees, with clouds rolling in from the west. With clouds, the low tonight will stay above 20. Tomorrow will be a slightly warmer, but cloudier day with a high in the middle 40’s. Winds will be out of the east, switching to southerly around midnight. This is preceding the disturbance mentioned in the previous discussion and will keep the low above 40. Throughout tomorrow night into Friday morning, clouds will increase with showers also increasing into Friday. This is due to a warm front with precipitation ending into Friday afternoon. Expect precipitation to be light to moderate in intensity and persistent in the early and mid-morning hours before tapering off.  Precipitation will be in the form of rain since temperatures will be in the low 40’s and rising as the front passes with totals less than one quarter of an inch.


Forecast surface analysis for Friday morning at 6 am CST. Notice the showers over our area associated with the warm front to our south

Later in the day around 5 or 6 pm, the cold front will pass with little precipitation expected. With that said, clouds will persist throughout the day. After the cold front passes, winds will shift from the northwest as cold air filters into our area into Saturday. Saturday and Sunday will be nice, but on the chilly side. Enjoy the fantastic weather this weekend!


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