Winter Knocking on Door….Again

Days at a Glance:

Thursday: Another mild day starting around 40 degrees and reaching the upper 60’s with S-SE winds blowing 8-12 mph. Clouds will be increasing throughout the day with 30% rain showers beginning late around Midnight.

Friday: Very warm start to the day in the low 50’s. Temperatures will only rise to the mid 50’s under cloudy skies with 90% chance of light to moderate rain showers from Midnight throughout the remainder of the day. Accumulations will range between 1 – 1.50 inches. Winds will shift from the SE to the NW at 8-12 mph Friday evening as cold air begins to spill in the area.

Saturday: Start with a low in the upper 30’s with a high in the lower 40’s as very cold air rushes into the area all day with 12 – 15 mph NW winds. Wind chill will make it feel colder than it is! Precipitation lingering from Friday should dissipate overnight as clouds will dissipate throughout the day.

Sunday: Very cold start to the day in the lower 20’s. High’s will be lucky to break the freezing mark reaching the mid 30’s at best under sunny skies and 5 mph N winds turning light and variable into the evening.


As was hinted at in the previous forecast, Old Man Winter will make his way back down to our area this weekend with Sunday’s high temperature barely reaching the mid-30’s. With that said, savor tomorrow’s mild temperatures in the upper 60’s as clouds increase into the afternoon and evening. This is preceding a cold front that will pass through the area during the day Friday. Light to moderate rain showers are only expected and will persist throughout the entire day from Midnight to Midnight before tapering off into Saturday morning. Total accumulations should remain below 1.5 inches with no other hazards expected. Cold, Arctic air will spill into the region (cold air advection) all day Saturday as skies clear throughout the day.

GFS 12Z (6am) Sunday morning surface temperatures and wind barbs showing the very cold air settling into our area after persistent cold air advection (CAA) all day Saturday.

As a result, Sunday will be very cold with morning temperatures in the low 20’s reaching the mid 30’s in the afternoon under sunny skies. Dust off the winter jackets again and get the hot chocolate ready.

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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