Beautiful Weather Ahead

Some areas of the country are sitting in shambles after the beginning of the week started with the first major outbreak of the year. The severe weather lasted a full two days and with it came a lot of devastation. The image below shows the preliminary tornado tracks as well as the number of casualties associated with each tornado. resultsTornadoes, hail, and wind damage weren’t the only types of severe weather seen early this week. Near Pensacola, FL, an approximated 15+ inches of rain fell in 24 hours creating flash flood conditions. This left many areas underwater and caused unprecedented damage.

However, after the shaky beginning of the week we can look forward to great weather for the next several days. An upper-level low will slowly make it’s way from the Midwest to the Great Lakes area leaving behind cooler air behind it, as we’ve felt today. The colder air aloft will result in skies being partly cloudy for the remainder of the day, with a slight chance of isolated showers towards the evening. The remainder of the week looks to be a fairly quite one for our region, even extending into the long range forecast area.

Weekly Outlook:

Today:Mostly sunny, with a high nearing 63. Winds will be out of the west around 15mph although a few gust could reach the mid-twenties.

Tonight:Partly cloudy, with a low around 43. West Wind 5-10mph.

Friday:Mostly sunny, with a high near 64. Winds will blow lightly in the morning hours around 8-13mph.

Friday Night:Partly cloudy, with a low near 45. Southwest wind near 7mph.

Saturday:Mostly sunny, with a high near 75. Southwest wind 6-11mph.

Saturday Night:Partly cloudy, with a low around 51.

Sunday:Mostly sunny, with a high near 81.

Sunday Night:Partly cloudy, with a low around 57.

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