Great Start to Fall


The first half of this week has turned out to be beautiful with highs breaking 75° and lows in the upper 40s. The second half of the week should shape up to be pretty much the same. The overall high pressure for the area has shifted northeast and is centered over the Great Lake Regions. High pressure is what gives us clear skies, light wind, and no rain. This region of high pressure will keep our temperatures relatively cool for the next several days. Thursday morning fog will be present over much of the area, especially in places where fog easily forms (low lying areas and land near water).  The fog will dissipate by 9am, but could cause issues for the morning commute. Sunny to mostly sunny skies will dominate the region throughout most of the weekend. Sunday brings the first small chance of clouds and rain.
Valid 21UTC(4pm) NAM Surface Temperature, Wind, and Mean Sea Level Pressure(MSLP)
Week at a Glance:
Thursday: High – 80°F with a calm wind out of north under sunny skies. Early morning possible.
                 Low – 55°F under clear skies. Calm wind changing to NE.
Friday:      High – 82°F Sunny skies, calm wind out of the NE.
                 Low – 59°F Clear with calm winds out of the NE.
Saturday:  High- 82°F Mostly sunny.
                 Low – 60°F Mostly clear.
Sunday:    High – 80°F Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain.
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