Crisp Autumn Week Ahead

The clouds hung around a little longer than expected after that cold front moved through last night.  Tomorrow, however, will be a clearer as high pressure continues to build in from the west and sunny skies become more prominent.  Despite the sunshine, temperatures will not be much warmer.

Map of temperature departure from average courtesy of Intellicast.

We are still under a rather cold air mass, so our high temperatures will once again only make it into the low 60s.  As shown in the graphic above, that is about 10° below what would be considered normal or average for this time of year.  Similarly, our low temperatures are going to be dipping into the upper 30s where they would normally be in the mid-40s.  So, although it may look warm and sunny tomorrow, you will probably want to grab a light jacket because it will be a bit on the cool side.

Surface forecast map for the morning of Monday, October 20th courtesy of Intellicast.

Looking ahead, we do still have a slight chance for showers on Monday.  As shown in the graphic above, a weak cold front will be moving through, but much of the rain will be to our north.  However, there is another high pressure system that will be following right behind it.  So, our overall weather pattern will be much of the same for at least the first half of the week.


Tonight:  Partly cloudy skies, lows near 38°, and light winds out of the north.

Tomorrow:  Sunny skies, highs near 62°, and light winds out of the north.

Tomorrow Night:  Partly cloudy skies, lows near 40°, and calm winds.

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