Rainy Week Ahead


A weak cold front will be passing through the area tonight(Tuesday) and into tomorrow morning. With the passage of this front, comes a significant amount of rain. Anywhere from 1-2″ of rain is expected to fall by Wednesday night. The rain will not cease at this point. There continues to be a slight chance of rain throughout Thursday as well. This cold front is associated with a low pressure system centered over the Great Lakes Region of the United States. This will continue to weaken as time progresses due to upper level forcing.  Another weak secondary front will form behind this first cold front that will bring the rain chances for Thursday. Once this passes through, temperatures will cool, but the sun will return for Friday. Friday will have the lowest high temperature for the week topping out around 50°. Temperatures will remain in the mid to low 50s for the rest of the week with lows dipping down mid 30s.


Image above courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center showing current frontal positions over the United States.

Week at a Glance:

Tuesday Night: Low of 53°. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall totals between a quarter and half an inch.

Wednesday: High of 58°. Chance of rain 80%. New rainfall amounts reaching a half inch.

Wednesday Night: Low of 49°. Chance of rain 50%. Rain fall amounts of a tenth of an inch.

Thursday: High 53°. Chance of rain 20%.

Thursday Night: Low of 37°. Low chance of rain continues with minimal accumulation. Light wind.

Friday: High of 50 under mostly sunny skies.

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