WKU Homecoming Forecast!

Today is a big day for Western Kentucky University. It is WKU’s inaugural season in Conference USA. The Homecoming game has finally arrived and here is the forecast for the entire day.High pressure has set in over the area and will persist for the next several days. This will provide beautiful, but chilly conditions for the Homecoming events. This high pressure will provide partly sunny skies with fairly consistent winds throughout the days. Winds will be a constant 5-10 mph with gusts that can reach upwards of 20 mph. Temperatures will reach just short of 60°F around 2 pm, or right before kick off.

Homecoming Forecast
10am – 48°F
12pm – 54°F
2pm   – 57°F
Kick Off – 3pm – 55°F
5pm   – 54°F
7pm   – 50°F
9pm   – 42°F

The sun will set around 4:45pm which will be right around halftime for the game. As soon as the sun sets, temperatures will quickly drop. The dropping temperatures and constant wind will make for a chilly end of the game. Make sure you bring a jacket and blanket to keep warm!
Enjoy the game!

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