Slight Warm Up

Overnight clouds were around keeping our temperatures in the mid 50s. Through the rest of the day we will have sunny skies and a slight chance of a shower. Sunshine will continue for much of the week.

Today: November 2: High: 72

Today will feature mostly cloudy skies. The sun may peek out a few times as we move through the afternoon. Temperatures will be in the low 70s.

Forecast valid Tuesday 00Z

Tonight: Low: 54

As we move through the overnight the clouds will stick around causing more mostly cloudy skies. There may be a bit of fog too as we wake up tomorrow morning. Temperatures will be in the mid 50s.

Forecast valid Tuesday 12Z

Tomorrow: High: 75 Low: 58

Tomorrow will feature mostly sunny skies instead of the clouds that we got today. Temperatures will warm up slightly to the mid 70s.

Looking Ahead:

Wednesday: High: 73, Low: 56. Clouds will move back in before our next rain chance at the end of the week. Temperatures will slightly cool off but stay in the 70s.

Thursday: High: 72, Low: 60. During the day we will see the clouds hang around making for partly sunny skies. Rain will move back in during the night.

Friday: High: 73, Low: 52. Rain will continue through the day. Temperatures will continue to stay in the low 70s.

Saturday: High: 65, Low: 44. The rain will move out leaving with partly sunny skies. Temperatures will cool off even more during the day and at night.

Sunday: High: 59, Low: 38. The clouds will begin to move out making mostly sunny skies. Temperatures will cool off some more.

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