Cooler Conditions Throughout the Week

While this summer has been an unusual one in terms of how much rain we have received, we have also been the victims of another very hot summer. Temperatures consistently in the mid to upper 90s making life miserable for those who don’t like the extreme heat.

After this past weekend’s storms temperatures have dropped significantly to much of the content of everyone. I remember after walking outside right after the storm and it was very cool in comparison to the heat from earlier in the day. I checked the KY Mesonet and it had recorded a maximum temperature for Saturday at 92 degrees fahrenheit. Right after the storm had passed it was reading 72 degrees. A 20 degree drop in just a few hours.

Current Weather Map Highs and Lows from NOAA

Current Weather Map -NOAA

Mild temperatures are coming from the passing cold front that brought the weekend storms. With another cold front to our north west that will effect us closer this weekend, we are expierencing high pressure with clear skies all around.

If the low pressure area on the east side of the Rocky Mountains maintains its momentum and direction, it will have an effect on us later in the week. However, as of now we will just have to enjoy sunny skies and mild temperatures. Can fall get here soon enough?

Tonight: Expect a low around 65 degrees and clear night skies.

Tomorrow: Will be much like today was with a high in the mid to upper 80s with clear to partly cloudy skies.

As this is my first blog post I will have some improvements to make, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Austin Evans and I am a junior Meteorology student at Western Kentucky University. I have a minor in Broadcasting and hope to make weather my full time career. I will see you Wednesday!


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