Friday Showers, Weekend Forecast

Over the course of my last two blog posts I kept discussing that this weekend was going to be very similar to last weekend with possible showers and  thunderstorms. It is not expected to be  wash out, but chances of rain are here for your Friday. In this final blog post for the week I am going to discuss your Friday forecast and the weekend outlook.

Current Forecast Map, WPC

Current Forecast Map, WPC

We have a center of low pressure around Canadian, Texas that is fueling a stationary front. That stationary front extends north into Southeast, North Dakota into another low pressure center pushing a cold front. This is the cold front that will bring rain chances to our area along with some flash flooding hazards to Missouri.

In Kentucky we have wind flow from the south west bringing warmer, more moist air to our region. This warm, moist air will combine with the heat we already will have as the day progresses. With that, comes instability. Nothing severe is expected, but this instability is what will spark a shower or thunderstorm. Popup showers are very possible throughout the weekend, so make your plans accordingly.

As of writing this the KY Mesonet has Bowling Green at 76 degrees. It is a very nice morning to start your weekend with. Today’s high is 90 degrees. Not much different from what we have seen this summer, I personally can’t wait for fall.

Your forecast for the weekend:

Today: High 90, Low 70, Showers possible in the afternoon.

Tomorrow: High 86, Low 71, Popup showers possible.

Sunday: High 82, Low 70, Popup showers possible.

I want to thank you for reading, I can’t wait to write more. I will be back in October with this same Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. If something I find interesting occurs I will write about it, weather is my passion and I’ll tell you, it stops for no one.


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