WKU Storm Chase- Day 2

Route for Day 2

We woke up in Amarillo, TX, to a slightly difficult decision. We could track south to Lubbock, TX, and possibly see some storms or we could track north toward Colorado to set up for the next day. After some deliberation, we decided that Lubbock didn’t present enough to waste a good travel day to set up for a better next day.

We left from Amarillo and went through New Mexico. We stopped in Clayton, NM, for lunch at a taco stand called Si Senior Tacos. It was a fantastic stop and fueled us for the next few hours!

Si Senior Taco truck in NM (pardon the snapchat filter) and the Taco Plate (was delicious)

After the taco truck stop, we continued to Capulin Volcano National Monument for a quick hike around the rim of the volcano. It was definitely a struggle, even for us experienced Hilltoppers. The combination of dry air and thin air (8,000ft) made for a difficult go.

Capulin Volcano welcome sign

We finally made it to Castle Rock, CO, in time for dinner. We went to the wonderful Rockyard Grill and Brewery. I highly recommend the Yard Burger with bacon. After dinner some went to a local tap house, while the rest of us took a quick walk and then played a game of Jackpot in the pool. It’s a football game where the thrower calls out a point amount and whoever catches it earns those points.

All in all, a great travel and sight-seeing day! We can’t wait to see what the next day has in store for us!

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