Wet Saturday?

Our Saturday is off to a cloudy start due to Gordon’s remnants passing on mainly through the Midwest. But the questions I’m here to answer today are: Will it rain during the Cage the Elephant concert? Will it rain during WKU’s football game?

13Z IR Satellite (courtesy of College of DuPage)

Fortunately, the morning and early afternoon will be quiet yet cloudy, and that will be unlikely to change as we progress to concert time and ultimately, game time. Dew points still stand in the low 70’s, serving to continue the muggy condition within Central Kentucky and Central Tennessee.

09Z RAP Reflectivity (Source: College of DuPage)

Concert time and game time have a medium chance for showers for Saturday evening, so concertgoers should bring their finest ponchos to cage themselves in just in case the rain comes in. We are also looking at another chance for rain throughout the duration of WKU’s football game, so be prepared when it happens.

These same conditions persist as we end our weekend, but an incoming cold front will bring an end to the rainy conditions.

Saturday: Medium chance of afternoon and evening showers, High 88, Low: 74

Sunday: Medium chance of rain, High: 77,  Low: 60

Monday: Comfortable, nice and sunny, High: 73, Low: 63


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