Below Average: Not Always a Bad Thing

A week in weather can bring about drastic changes, especially during the transition from one season to another. Last Monday we experienced a high of 93. Today, the cold front from this weekend combined with the associated dense cloud cover have prevented us from even reaching 70. It will stay near or below 70 for the rest of the day considering peak heating is almost behind us. Nighttime temps will be matching our dewpoint temps at one or two degrees below or above 60 for South Central Kentucky, so the potential for fog is definitely possible over the next couple nights. For now, the oppressive summertime heat and humidity have given way to more fall-like conditions… but as usual, things change.

The following image depicts highs in the mid 70s for Tuesday. Note the High Pressure over Northern Indiana. The positioning of this High will keep our temperatures below average as winds associated with it come from a mainly northeasterly direction and bring in cool air.

12Z NAM Valid for 1 pm CDT Tuesday – Courtesy of Pivotal Weather


In combination with the cool temperatures, low dewpoints will make for very comfortable conditions through Wednesday. A light jacket might be necessary for those who are naturally cool, especially during the early morning and late evening hours.

Cloud cover will remain prevalent through Wednesday morning. It’s not until Wednesday afternoon that we get a nice break in clouds, resulting in a little warm-up. As the week progresses, cloud cover will continue to decrease, temperatures will continue to increase, and conditions will return to average for the time of year.

While it will be very calm throughout the Commonwealth this week, it’s a much different story on the Eastern Seaboard where residents are preparing for a potential major hurricane. Hurricane Florence could cause catastrophic flooding over the Carolinas if it stalls out over N.C. as the models currently predict. While impacts from Hurricane Florence will be negligible for our area, our team will keep you updated on the storm throughout the week.

Florence Intensifies into Cat. 4 Hurricane, Threatens East Coast








Tonight: Low of 60 with calm conditions, fog possible.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): A little warmer, but still below average. High of 76 with mostly cloudy conditions and a cool breeze out of the NE.

Wednesday: High near 80, mostly cloudy conditions continue for the first half of the day. Sunshine becoming more prevalent during the afternoon hours.

Thursday and onward: Seasonable temperatures return as cloud cover dissipates. Highs in the mid 80s.


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