A Peaceful Weekend Ahead


Friday, the 14th of September, looks to be a nice day with above average temperatures. The dew points will make it feel worse than it actual is. Dew points starting in the high 60s and going to the low 70s as the day progresses.

In BowlingGreen at 12z, 7 am Central Time, the temperature is at 72 with the dew point at 69. The high today will be about 88 degrees with the dew points about 71 degrees. As a result, it will feel muggy today.

Saturday it looks to be similar to Friday, with temperatures reaching about 89 and dew points around 72.

This warm weather has to do with the High pressure centered over Michigan.This high bringing the moisture from the gulf, which is causing  high dew points.

Current US Surface Weather Map

In Summary:

Friday: High around 88 with dew points maxing  around 71. With low  around 70.

Saturday: High around 89 with dew points maxing around 72. With the low around 71.

Sunday: High around 82 with low around 69 with a rain chance increasing through the night as remnants of Florence approach the area.


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