Back in the 90’s… Again!

Good afternoon!

Hotter temperatures this week will make you think, is summer weather ever going to end? Well, with autumn equinox approaching on Saturday 8:54PM CDT, summer is looking to give it all he’s got before then. High temperatures go from mid 80’s with light rain to a scorching mid 90’s through Thursday. So whats the blueprint? The Mid-South region received predominant southern moisture over the past couple of days correlated with low-leveled tropical storm Hurricane Florence. This airflow moved northeastward as a high pressured zone moves into our region increasing temperatures to low 90’s for the next few days. Therefore, an abundance of Sun along with a slight northward wind at the surface will be suitable for convective activity throughout the day.

NAM guidance for MSLP and 10m winds in knots (courtesy of PivotalWeather) 

This is key towards the increase of clouds and will indeed produce a valid, but slight risk for a few scattered showers throughout this afternoon into your evening hours. Today conditions are summer-like and slightly humid. However, not too bad of a feeling due to that slight north wind around 5 mph. Dew points will level out to the 70 mark around sunset inducing partly cloudy skies tonight. Wednesday starts out with slight cloud cover for temperatures will be a close call to 90 degrees due to that absorption of radiation by various cloud cover.

Average total cloud cover in a NAM mod. guidance (courtesy of COD)

Here’s my forecast…

TODAY: Mostly sunny skies with gradual increase in cloud cover to scattered clouds. High temperature at 92 degrees.

TONIGHT: Partly cloudy skies with a slight chance for scattered rain showers in the evening hours. Low temp in the lower to mid 60’s.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny, temporal clouds with a high temperature of upper 80’s (could reach 90). A low temp in the mid 60’s.

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