Clear and Comfortable Weekend

For our early morning, we see patches of fog return, so if you intend to commute, do so carefully. The culprit for such fog is the cold front that is passing by this morning as well, causing temperatures to fall low enough to match the dew points.

10Z Surface Map (Source: College of DuPage)

A smooth ridge like the one below allows for calm weather conditions. Such allows for strong high pressure areas as you see on the map above. With this in mind…

11Z 300mb heights, winds, divergence (Source: Storm Prediction Center)

Expect nothing more than a sunny day for your Saturday. Today will only get as high as the low 70’s. As we head into game night, temperatures will be in the low 60’s to the upper 50’s as we head towards the end of the game. If you plan on attending, wear longer sleeved clothing and bring a light jacket to keep yourself warm.

09Z RAP SFC Temperatures (Source: College of DuPage)

The same conditions seen today will persist as we conclude our weekend Sunday, with high’s into the upper 70’s, and the lows in the lower to mid 60’s; however, there exists a possibility of rain as we start the next week. Monday afternoon shows a possibility for showers, and as Monday evening, starts, a possibility for rain.

06Z GFS Preciptation Map (Source: College of DuPage)


Saturday: Morning fog with an otherwise sunny day; High: 71, Low: 59

Sunday: Nice and sunny; High: 77, Low: 66

Monday: 50% chance of rain, High: 79, Low: 68

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