It’s Fall Y’all!

Good afternoon everyone!

As we move into the new week, we continue to think about and pray for those affected by Hurricane Michael. Please help in anyway you can to bring those affected to peace.

Now on to Bowling Green! Right now we have some warm air advection hanging over the area that will account for today’s warmer high of 65. This will be pushed out of the way by a cold front that will come through sometime after midnight leading to more rain. This cold front will also push the WAA out of the way bringing in a cold air advection and cooler temperatures.

Warm Air Advection (red) and Cold Air Advection (blue) via GFS

Surface observations with the cold front to the west

Thankfully the temperatures don’t look to hit above 65 this next week. Unfortunately, we will be experiencing some rain today through Monday night. Our temperatures this next week will remain below average, ranging from the mid 50s to mid 60s.

GFS temperatures for the next few days

We will continue to see rain today through Monday night. Tuesday skies will be partly sunny. There is the potential for a few leftover showers.

GFS precipitation rates and type


  • Sunday
    • High: 65
    • Low: 59
    • Rain today through Monday night accumulating to around .5 inches
  • Monday
    • High: 60
    • Low: 43
    • Rain through Monday night
  • Tuesday
    • High: 56
    • Low: 38
    • Partly sunny with the potential for leftover showers

As always, stay safe and have a good week!

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