Cool Shift Dries Out the Leaves for Fall

Afternoon lads!

Well, after a soggy Monday, there is much to look forward to for the rest of the week if your looking to stay dry. Yesterday’s rain contributed to 1.58″ of rain in the bucket for those of  Bowling Green, Ky (courtesy of NWS Climatological Report). However, things will start to cool off and dry out with steady northerly winds from our north. Also, thanks to some fair weather makers we’ll get to see 60°F for our high temperature on Wednesday.

A big high pressure out West U.S. stretches laterally into the Midwest the OH Valley region. The surface analysis below indicates this response to the atmosphere. Count how many “blue H’s” are on the map… merely 4 high pressured zones. Northerly flow keeps the air high and dry for many to the west and north of the Mid-South region. We’ll stay dry as well for the most part for the next couple of days. Cloudy skies today will brush off towards the Southeast coast by tomorrow. Maximum temperatures are to reach around 58°F for today. Clearing of skies for Wednesday along with sunshine will tempt temperatures to surpass 60°F.

Keep an eye on the area outlined in blue for this low pressure is channeling a slight cold punch for a Frost Warning Thursday morning. Temperatures will be mid-30’s briefly at the dawn of the morning. But due to these high pressure zones temperatures will warm up to upper 50’s at the peak of the day.

TUES: Mostly cloudy, a calm wind from the north. Conditions are mainly dry although majority clouds for the region. A maximum temperature of 58°F and a minimum of 42°F. 

TUES NIGHT: Mostly clear, with frigid conditions as the dew point temperatures will be low 40’s and upper 30’s. Clear skies make for cooler/drier nights… that’s vital to be aware of. Temperature overnight around 44°F.

WEDN: Mostly sunny, a slight northeastern wind creating a beautiful fall-like feel to the atmosphere. A high pressured zone in the area still prevails! High temperatures are sure to reach 60°F but no more than a degree higher and a low temperature of 42°F.


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