Weekend Nor’Easter

Another nor’easter is making tracks through New England for this weekend. It is currently bringing a lot of rain for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, and later into Saturday, will head into New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Since temperatures near the surface will be above freezing level, any snow that may fall will most likely melt.

Nor’easter aside, Bowling Green residents are facing cloudy conditions for this morning, and these conditions won’t have significant change until Sunday afternoon. Today will see highs into the mid-50’s and lows into the mid-40’s. Dress appropriately for tonight’s football game against FIU as those mid-40 lows will be in effect.

Sunday, however, will be much warmer, with highs into the low to mid-60’s as the sun will be shining into the afternoon as mentioned earlier, with lows into the mid-40’s. Monday will continue this trend with highs into the upper 50’s and lows into the lower 40’s.


Saturday: Cloudy skies, High: 58, Low: 46

Sunday: Clearing for the Afternoon, High: 66, Low: 47

Monday: Sunny skies, High, 57, Low: 42

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