Weekend Warming (with a end to Daylight Savings)

A ridge has allowed for Bowling Green citizens to enjoy sunny skies for our Saturday. It won’t be so warm today with highs only in the mid-50’s, and lows getting down to the low 40’s. However, as we conclude our weekend, we will experience a radical change in weather conditions. The conclusion of this weekend also spells the end of daylight savings time. Remember to set your clocks back one hour and enjoy your extra hour of sleep.

Sunday is facing a chance of rain as the afternoon progresses; nevertheless, there will be warmer temperatures, with highs into the upper 50’s and lows in the mid to upper 40’s.

Monday will face a greater chance for rain into the evening and overnight, with otherwise little activity for the morning. Highs will be in the low 60’s and lows will be in the low 50’s as Monday will face more warming towards the evening.


Saturday: Sunny skies, High: 59, Low: 41

Sunday: 50% chance for rain in the afternoon, High: 60, Low: 48

Monday: 80% chance for rain in the evening hours, High: 60, Low: 50


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