Cold Start to the Week

Currently there is a high pressure system passing over Kentucky. A system centered in Wisconsin will pass eastward bringing with it some snow. Most of that snow will be to the north. A high pressure system will come down from Canada on Monday trying to bring colder temperatures with it. A low system in the west right now will be settle around the Carolinas at that time and will prevent temperatures getting too low. This will help keep most precipitation as rain.

Not much will occur for today as the high pressure system move us moves east and settles over the mid-Atlantic. Clouds over the midwest will be pushed into the area leading to mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon.

The southern part of the trough passing through Tuesday will become cut off. Where we sit will allow the cutoff to clear the skies.


  • Sunday:
    • High: 51
    • Low: 21
    • Conditions will become cloudy this evening.
  • Monday:
    • High: 47
    • Low: 36
    • Precipitation: Around a quarter to a half an inch with the majority of it being rain.
  • Tuesday:
    • High: 40
    • Low: 33
    • Conditions will improve beginning Tuesday night.
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